Yokohama for RIJ

Yokohama for RIJ

The Yokohama for RIJ group organizes crafts sales, luncheons, and other activities and events that raise funds to support our organisation. In the last year, the group has donated ¥350,000 to RIJ. The following report details the work the Yokohama ladies have done this year.

Yokohama Group Report of 2015

30 January: New Year Luncheon and Mini-Bazaar

2 April: Board meeting and Mini-Bazaar

29 April: Craft Sale at the Saint Maur International School Food Fair

4 June: Craft Inventory and Mini Craft Sale at Craft Storage

20 July: Craft arrangement

3 September: Board meeting to discuss craft sale details and future activities


There is still more to come!

Upcoming events:

24-25 October: The Catholic Yamate Church in Yamate

15 November: The Christmas Bazaar at the Saint Maur International School

11 December: Christmas Luncheon