Greetings Cards for RIJ

Greetings Cards for RIJ

The Greetings Card group has been producing and selling beautiful selections of cards for over 30 years. You can purchase these high quality cards for birthdays, celebrations, festivals and other occasions throughout the year. Every year artists and museums generously donate their work for the card designs. Paper companies kindly donate their products and volunteer designers assist the team with production.

In the last year, the group has donated ¥1,500,000 to RIJ.

Cards are available in packs of ten and can be personalised with your company address or personal message.

One pack costs 1,800 yen
If you purchase over 30 packs, each pack costs 1,600 yen

Below is the downloadable order form with this year’s selection of Greetings Cards from A to G.

Downloadable order form