Light up the Life of a Refugee Child

Event:   Light up the Life of a Refugee Child
Location:   St Mary’s International School
Address:   1-6-19 Seta, Setagaya, Tokyo 158-8668
Date:   2017-11-09 18:30:00
Time:   18:30
Home Page:
Minimum donation **:   Three thousand yen
On-door donation:   ¥3,000

This wonderful concert serves to highlight the plight of refugee children around the world.

Children performing for children - students from several schools around the Tokyo area show their talent.
The concert will be held in the wonderful concert hall at St Mary’s International School.

Participants include students from St Mary’s International School;  Seisen International School; Junten Senior High and American School in Japan with support from students of International School of the Sacred Heart and Tokyo Gakugei University International Secondary School.

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