F1 レースナイト

Event:   F1 レースナイト
Location:   Oakwood Residence Lounge, Midtown Roppongi
Address:   〒107-0052 Tokyo, Minato, Akasaka 9-7-4
Date:   2017-12-01 18:00:00
Time:   18:00
Home Page:   www.oakwoodasia.com/tokyo/oakwood-tokyo-midtown.php
オンライン事前受付:   Twenty five thousand yen
当日:   ¥25000

All the fun of the F1 circuit without the danger. Head-to-head racing against friends, colleagues, rival companies on the amazing simulators provided by eXcape Entertainment.
Four drivers per team.
Excellent for corporate team building or just a lot of fun.

Individual non-drivers are welcome for a donation of ¥10,000.

Thanks to our sponsors:

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