RIJ Loop Relay

Event:   RIJ Loop Relay
Location:   Tama River Path
Address:   Near Futako Tamagawa station
Date:   2017-11-12 10:00:00
Time:   10:00
Home Page:  
オンライン事前受付:   Ten thousand yen
当日:   ¥12000

Loop Relay Marathon

The next Loop Relay will take place on Sunday 12 November 2017 beside the Tamagawa, near Futako Tamagawa station. Click on image (right) for further details.

This time it will be a family day out with Children’s races as well.

Pre-registration: minimum donation ¥10,000 for a team of 3

Race Day Registration: minimum donation ¥12,000 for team of 3

Company sponsorship: +¥30,000 (with special recognition on social media)

*T-shirt provided for all participants.

All proceeds after costs go directly to RIJ.

Registration from 9.00; relay begins 10.00
To register, contact us at: running@refugeesinternationaljapan.org

Each team runs around the 5km loop for 2.5 hours, alternating runners, and the team that completes the most laps is the winner.

Get Yourself Sponsored and Stay Fit! Many refugees have had to run for their lives to find a place of safety. Today, you can run to support them. Your efforts can bring hope to thousands and put smiles back on the children’s faces. Sign up for the event and get your friends to sponsor you– a little money can go a long way to helping people rebuild their lives and regain their dignity. You can make a big difference!

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